Stevie B & Connie Freestyle Concert 12-6-14

STEVIE B & CONNIE2 DSC03849-X2 DSC02560-X2 DSC02559-X2 DSC02556-X2 (1) DSC02556-X2 DSC02553-X2 DSC02552-X2 (1) DSC02552-X2 DSC02551-X2 DSC02548-X2 (1) DSC02548-X2 DSC02547-X2 (1) DSC02547-X2 DSC02543-X2 (1) DSC02543-X2 DSC06415-XL DSC06389-XL DSC06391-XL DSC06341-XL DSC06340-XL DSC06335-XL DSC06047-XL DSC06003-XL DSC05985-XL DSC05969-XL DSC05958-XL DSC05944-XL DSC05933-XL DSC05926-XL DSC05918-XL DSC05916-XL DSC05917-XL DSC05913-XL DSC05915-XL DSC03961-XL DSC03951-XL DSC03944-XL DSC03884-XL DSC03887-XL DSC03882-XL DSC03878-XL DSC03870-XL DSC03866-X2

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